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Midistomp Six is now sold out!
If you are interested in my new MIDI controller coming soon, go to and put your name on the email list to be notified! Without your support of midistomp, this new project would not be happening. Thank you!

ETA: Q4 2020


Modifications for your Midistomp Six - Both available as product add-ons now

Build as many as you want!

Midistomp Six is now completely free and all the PCB, diagrams, code, and manuals are available publicly. To download the PCB files, diagram files, and enclosure drilling files, go to this link: All the Read more…

The Midistomp Six

A MIDI Foot Controller for the Masses!

Midistomp Six

Addons: Expression Ports, TRS MIDI port

Fully Handbuilt in Sydney, NSW. Plug and Play. Modify the code if you're so inclined.

DIY Parts Kit

Build your own Midistomp Six

For the adventurous and the poor! Save some money by buying all the parts, code, and instructions you need to build a midistomp six.

PCB and Parts List

Choose your own parts. Full DIY.

If you want to go it alone, we'll send you the links, you buy the parts. Just put it all together on our PCB. (3d print your own enclosure if you want!)

Plug 'n Play MIDI Stompboxes

Pre-Built Pedals or DIY Instructions+PCB


Link to your favourite software, iOS app, or use TRS to 5-pin cable to use pedals like HX Stomp

Two Expression Pedals

Add-on 1 or 2 expression ports, with the option of making on a TRS MIDI port

3+ Banks of Controls

1-10 banks of user-defined controls Hold the momentary switch to cycle through banks


All the parts used are available at online retailers and are not custom-made for these devices. This means you can either copy it and build one yourself or repair the one you buy!

International Shipping

This is designed to be an affordable and accessible option for anyone who wants a foot controller at an affordable price. We will ship anywhere.

Open Source

Themidistomp pedals run on open source code and software by "Teensy" and "Arduino". The code can be edited by the end user if desired.