G’day, I’m Simon. Let me tell you a bit about midistomp.

Simon and Hazel
// Me and My Daughter \

I started making MIDI foot controllers a couple of years ago because I realised that all I needed for my guitar amp and pedal simulations were some footswitches and some visual feedback. I didn’t want to pay $300-600 for something that should cost under $100.

So I started looking into making my own MIDI controllers. Surprisingly, I found out that it’s super simple if you know how to use a computer, and parts abound online! I have never been good at writing code, so I was relieved to find that heaps of other people had made very similar devices and made their code public.

I took their code, modified it, and ordered some generic footswitches and aluminium enclosures from online retailers – and it worked! I originally started with 3 footswitches and 12 potentiometers, but that wasn’t as practical as having 6 switches on the one box.

So, after a bit of prototyping and some custom PCB designing, I decided to see what people who buy MIDI controllers thought. I had a great response – especially to the price! There isn’t a controller anywhere that you can get with this kind of functionality, customisability, and price. You’d have to build it yourself!

\ The original midistomp \

Say goodbye to expensive midi foot controllers and say hello to the new kid on the block – the midistomp 6. You can order one pre-built and tested by me, or you can buy a PCB and I’ll send you instructions for what to buy and how to build it. You can even just buy all the parts from me and simply put it together yourself.

Midistomp is a non-commercial product for people who want a foot controller for a decent price. It’s aimed at two markets – musicians who want a controller that’s ready to plug-n-play, and the more tech-savvy person who wants to save even more money and build it themselves!

The individual parts are guaranteed by the manufacturers, and I’ll personally send replacements for any parts that might fail. – Or alternatively I can send links to the manufacturer’s online store.
(I haven’t had any parts fail on me yet)

 International shipping will be a breeze as I partner with a large Australian courier service for ecommerce.

I really look forward to where this could go, and I have so many ideas for different controller designs in the future. I’d love to hear your feedback so please get in touch on the Contact Us page.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s nice having you.