Thanks for all your support!

Midistomp Six is now sold out!
If you are interested in my new MIDI controller coming soon, go to www.piratemidi.com and put your name on the email list to be notified! Without your support of midistomp, this new project would not be happening. Thank you!
I’m always happy to chat by email if you want to ask questions about DIY stuff, or you want more info about the new pedal and whether it will be right for you.


ETA: Q4 2020


  • Screen
  • Sloped Custom Aluminium Enclosure
  • Software and Onboard Config
  • 2 Expression Ports
  • 5-Pin MIDI
  • RGB LEDs
  • Silent Footswitches
  • Stack Different MIDI message types
  • Banks/Pages
  • 9v DC power
  • USB C
Do you ship to my country?

We ship wherever we possibly can. Please use the checkout to check if we ship to your country. We probably do

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal can be used with or without an account (credit/debit card required), and Stripe can also be used for EFTPOS payments. If you can’t manage either of these, please contact us and we will arrange another method for you.

How long does shipping take?

Within Australia shipping takes 2-4 days.
Internationally shipping usually takes 2-10 days.
There usually a 1-2 day build time before shipping.

I get an error when I try to upload a profile

Please read the User Guide thoroughly to make sure you’re not missing any steps. Make sure to reboot your computer after installing the ArduinoIDE and the Teensyduino software. Make sure your midistomp is connected directly to your computer and not through a USB hub. Check the setting under “Tools>Port” to make sure that there is a device called “HID” with “(Teensy 2.o)” on the end. If that does not appear, please contact us.

Can I use a profile designed for a specific app with a different app?

Definitely! Please read the detailed description of how each profile functions in the user guide. They are still generic MIDI control templates, they just send messages slightly differently.

Why didn’t I have the option to get an expression port?

Sorry about that. The expression port code wasn’t ready for release before January 2020. There is a tutorial available for how to install your own. It takes one drill hole and three wires. No real disassembly of the device required so you should really give it a go!

How many expression ports could I install?

Theoretically, there are enough pins available on the processor to add three in total, but the space in the enclosure is the problem. We recommend sticking with two.

My expression pedal doesn’t get the full 0-127 range of MIDI control

This is a common issue. unfortunately no expression pedal is the same as another. There is different resistance, linear vs log potentiometers etc. Some even have the data pin on a different part of the plug! (Tip, ring, sleeve.) The midistomp uses: Tip=power, Ring=data, Sleeve=ground.
The midistomp expression profiles have a built in function so that you can manually adjust the range of the pedal to compensate for manufacturing differences. Please read the Expression Pedal section of the User Guide PDF for information.

My midistomp reboots when I plug in or unplug my expression pedal

Unfortunately that’s unavoidable. It won’t change your settings though.

What Expression Pedal do you recommend?

The pedal I own (that you see in the photos) is the M-Audio EX-P. The expression profile is calibrated to this pedal, but you can edit the calibration as outlines in the uder manual.
The EX-P comes with a cable attached, but you can easily modify it to put in a TRS jack instead. Here’s a link to the tutorial.

Can you make a smaller/bigger/quieter midistomp?

Due to the great success of midistomp 6, I’ve been able to start work on a commercial (and cheap, don’t worry) MIDI foot controller. It will have 6 switches, but many many, more features. Sign up to the mailing list at www.piratemidi.com if you want to know when we start releasing info! And if you simply can’t wait – send me an email at admin@piratemidi.com

Could I swap out the switches myself for quiet switches?

Unfortunately that won’t really work. Quiet switches are momentary, and these are latching. The circuitry would need serious hacking and so would the code. If you’re game, go for it! No warranties though 😉

How can I make my own custom midi controller?

visit the pjrc.com website, buy a teensy, and then hit up forum.pjrc.com and bathe in the glory of everyone’s amazing midi projects and all the code that’s in the public domain! It’s truly a fascinating learning curve.

Who are you?

I’m Simon. I play Age of Empires II and I like watching tennis.