Loading Profiles

Loading Profiles On Your ‘midistomp six’

Midistomp six is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. It can send latching or momentary signals, CCs or Notes, and you can add multiple banks of controls to give you 20+ switches on the one device.

There are multiple profiles available online (www.midistomp.com/setup). Some are set up for specific apps and some are generic DAW control profiles. If your midistomp six was shipped with an expression port, please make sure to download the profiles with expression pedal support (also on the /setup page).

To begin customising your midistomp six, please download and install the Arduino IDE, and the Teensyduino add-on by clicking these links which will direct you to the relevant web pages. This software is what will allow you to open the .ino files, edit them, and load them on your midistomp six.

(Midistomp is developing a simpler way to load your desired settings to the device – look out for updates on the midistomp facebook page or website)

Next, you will need to open your desired profile with the Arduino software. Plug your midistomp six into the computer you are using. Navigate to the “Tools” Menu, and make sure that the “Board” is set to “Teensy 2.0” and the “USB Type” is set to “MIDI”

(see screenshot below)

When these options are set, your software is configured to load the Profile to your midistomp six.

Press the “Upload” Button (circled in red above) and the Teensyduino loader will open. Your midistomp will reboot, and the profile you have opened (and possibly edited) will be ready to go! You can safely unplug your midistomp after the device has rebooted.