Setting Up

Box Contents

Your fully assembled midistomp six arrives with the following items:

  • midistomp six USB MIDI foot controller
  • a 6ft USB cable

‘midistomp six’ Features

  • 5 programmable latching footswitches with red/green LED rings
  • 1 programmable momentary footswitch
  • 1 red LED for tempo flash (also used for indicating which bank is being selected)
  • 1 USB port which powers the device and transmits data
  • 1 reset switch for loading profiles
  • Multiple “Profiles” available to load onto the device ready for DAWs/Apps
  • Class compliant USB MIDI compatibility with iOS, Mac, Windows 10 and other USB MIDI hosts

Connection and Power

Midistomp is class compliant. That means there are no drivers needed. It just needs to be plugged in. The USB MIDI drivers which are built into your operating system will run your midistomp six.

Using ‘midistomp six’ with your DAW/iOS App/Audio App

Please refer to the setup videos and articles ( for information on selecting a profile and customising the controller numbers for your needs. Midistomp six has been tested with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Mainstage 3, Reaper, and supports all other DAWs which accept MIDI CC control. Midistomp is also tested in multiple iOS apps which use MIDI control.

To begin customising your midistomp six, please download and install the Arduino IDE, and the Teensyduino add-on by clicking these links which will direct you to the relevant web pages. This software is what will allow you to open the .ino files, edit them, and load them on your midistomp six.

iOS Apps

Midistomp is class compliant. That means there are no drivers needed. It just needs to be plugged in. To plug a USB MIDI device into your iOS device, you will need to select the correct “Camera Connection Kit” for your device. For older devices, a 30-pin connector to USB camera kit is needs. For newer devices which use the lightning connector, you will need a lightning to USB camera connection kit. These are readily available at your local Apple distributor/retailer or online.

Simply plug the connector into your iOS device, connect your USB cable to your midistomp six, and then connect the USB cable to the iOS USB connector. Your midistomp will boot up and the LEDs will turn on, giving you an indication that the device is working properly.

The iOS device should be awake when connecting your midistomp six.